I started my design career as a prepress technician with Market Products printing in 1994. Eventually, I began designing brochures and other print materials for our clients. To this day, I still use the latest Macintosh and Windows platforms since I was required to use both in this early job.

By 1998, Digital Imaging of Southern California (DISC) had acquired Market Products Printing. This is where I learned prepress and print design in a larger and more sophisticated environment. A few months later, DISC merged with the design firm Flying Colors. This merger put me in the company of some great designers. Now, I was not only creating print materials, but venturing into Web design as well.

After a few of years at DISC, I got a job offer from a celebrity photographer by the name of Jim Jordan. He was just beginning to transition his studio to an all digital workflow and he felt I had the right background to manage this transition. It was at this job that I learned advanced studio techniques for Adobe Photoshop.

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